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The clocks have changed and it’s now time for a spring clean. If your home has a wooden floor, it is also the time to prepare it for the summer. Wood, being a living material, is very sensitive to products and substances used to clean it. Here are some cleaning tips for your hardwood floor.

Spring has arrived, temperatures are getting warmer, humidity has reduced and the days are getting longer. Wood, being a natural material, is affected by seasonal climate change hence we must devote some attention to it. However, classic cleaning techniques may not be enough to keep the wood bright and alive.

Whilst cleaning your hardwood floor, avoid soaking your wood flooring with too much liquids and aggressive products, such as those containing alcohol and bleach as this could damage the surface. It is also important not to use oily products, because they could stain the wood.

Water can also be the enemy of your hardwood floor and although necessary for a thorough cleaning, it needs only to be used in the appropriate quantities. Take care not to pour directly onto your wood flooring, but instead, use a damp and well wrung out cloth.

Step by Step Cleaning Guide

Step 1

To begin cleaning your floor the first step is to use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment for wood flooring or a micro-fibre cloth or mop, in order to remove dust and grit that may scratch the surface of your hardwood floor. Do not use a steam cleaner as water can find its way into the wood and in turn cause damage to the wood!

Step 2

Following step 1, you can start cleaning your hardwood floor using a neutral detergent or a reviving-protective emulsion. Do not use foaming, abrasive, acidic or corrosive substances (both chemical and natural), which can damage the surface finish of your wooden floor.

There are a number of specialist manufacturers of surface finishes for hardwood floors who have devised a variety of cleaning and maintenance products designed specifically for each type of their finishing products.

Oiled floors will require a different product to lacquered floors as manufacturers have developed floor revivers that add nutrients back into the wood floor, regenerating the finish.

For the best results and long term protection of your hardwood floor, it is ideal to know what finishing product has been applied to your wood flooring. The supplier of your floor should be able to tell you this.

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