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A brand Debal Coatings, CIRANOVA are specialist in finishing and maintenance products for hardwood flooring with over 80 years of experience in the field of development and production of finishing- and maintenance products for wooden floors.

Being part of a proactive company, Ciranova excel in carrying out daily research and development in their state of the art purpose laboratory using advanced technical equipment and the latest raw eco-friendly materials to create finishing and care products for use with hardwood flooring.

Ciranova are an established brand in the hardwood coatings industry in its own right, within the consumer market the public are becoming aware of the quality of Ciranova’s care and maintenance products.

As a major driving force Ciranova believe in supplying the best finish coatings and care/ maintenance products.  Ciranova’s goal is to provide sustainable wood finishing and care products without compromise on performance whilst ensuring products are safe as well as being healthy for the environment whilst reducing the carbon footprint of which their Plus range achieves this.

Ciranova’s Ecofix Plus, Wood-look Plus and Oculto Plus are the first products within the wood flooring industry which features a bio-based self-matting resin, meaning no matting agents are needed, resulting in the surface appearing to be untreated yet remaining extremely durable with packaging is even recycled!

Ciranova’s product range of finishes has a vast range of colours which allows mixture with their standard range of colours; this gives you the opportunity to create an exclusive looking floor that stands out from the crowd.

Thanks to the growing worldwide interest for Ciranova products, Debal Coatings is more and more present in the international market.

As an online partner of Ciranova UK we offer Ciranova’s range of different oils, lacquers and reactive stains for roller, spray applications, care and maintenance products.

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