Brand: Stauf

The Germans are renowned worldwide for making some of the highest quality products available. This is the case for Stauf who were founded in 1828 and are highly regarded as a manufacturer of adhesives, today Stauf are held in high esteem for their wood floor adhesives, primer and leveller products.

A quality hardwood floor is premium purchase and the installation is an integral part of the process to make sure your new wood floor looks great and last a lifetime. Stauf products are of the highest quality so you can rest assured that your flooring is in safe hands. We do recommend using experienced fitters to make sure the finish is as desired.

Within the hardwood flooring industry Stauf are the manufacturers of premium floor fitting products and here at Wooden Floor Accessories, we stock a wide variety of their products. Trust in Stauf to make the fitting of your hardwood flooring project better, easier and faster with Stauf quality products.

If hardwood flooring is what you want to adhere, you can depend on a safe and secure bond with adhesive technology from STAUF.

Stauf products stand for firm ground under your feet, they are specialists for individual solutions in substrate preparation, bonding and surface finishes that leaves you to concentrate fully on your project.

Professionals akin to Stauf have been appreciating their adhesive technology since 1828 with their evolving history that goes back a long way and has been characterised by innovation since the very beginning.

One thing in STAUF’s history has remained the same for almost 200 years: Every day they try to be a little bit better for their loyal professional users and customers.

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  • Stauf Elastic Wood Flooring Adhesive SMP930 12kg 1 Component

  • Stauf Elastic Wood Flooring Adhesive SMP930 18kg 1 Component

  • Stauf Elastic Wood Flooring Adhesive SPU460 18kg 1 Component

  • Stauf Ibola AS Cement Wood Flooring Levelling Compound

  • Stauf Multilayer Wood Flooring Adhesive 13Kg

  • Stauf Polyurethane Wood Floor Primer VPU155 (solvent free) 11g

  • Stauf Polyurethane Wood Floor Primer VPU155 (solvent free) 5kg

  • Stauf PUK455 1 Component PU Wood Flooring Adhesive 15kg

  • Stauf Wood Flooring Adhesive SPU570 18kg