BONA Titan Wood Floor Adhesive

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We are proud to offer you Bona Titan wood floor adhesive, Titan is a wood floor adhesive that makes bonding your hardwood floor to a level that is higher than any other.

Bona’s Titan wooden floor adhesive is part of the silane-based range of adhesives, however differs because of new and revolutionary Titanium technology which is exclusively developed by Bona. 

Why is Bona Titan different? 

For starters it uses a ‘quadruple crosslinking’ formula that ensures it has great durability with the fastest possible bonding within its class of floor adhesives. under challenging conditions without the need to add any hardener or an external crosslinking agent and ensures a stable installation of solid hardwood floors.

Is it any good with wide hardwood floors?

Bona Titan is the perfect adhesive for  adhering large solid boards providing you the assurance and confidence so it can to bond/adhere all types of hardwood flooring. With its superb adherence strength it makes for simple and easier installation ensuring that longer wider solid wood boards are securely  installed. 

Do I still need a Primer?

Another great advantage of Bona’s Titan wood flooring adhesive is that providing the subfloor is in a sound state and dry there is no need for the use of an additional primer – this makes for an economical and convenient install for you.

Does Titan contain solvents?

A great feature of Bona Titan is that although it is very strong if not stronger than any solvent based adhesive it contains ZERO solvents and is very low VOC.

Will Titan discolour and have potential hollow spots?

As Bona Titan is manufactured using a silane-based formula that contains zero component ingredients that can migrate after it has cured, this eliminates the potential of discolouration within the joints. With its smooth component formula which is thicker in consistency allowing more stable ribs which also ensures an extreme high grab with zero hollow spots.

So with Bona Titan not only are you getting an adhesive that is very strong that does not require a primer before install and being solvent free you also have the benefit that it will not suffer from discoloration or hollow spots. The bonding strength of Bona Titan will not diminish over the years and guarantees the stability of your wood floor.


  • 10-15m2 Coverage per 15kg (depending on installation type).
  • Long term durability
  • High shear strength 
  • Solvent-free, very low VOC
  • Revolutionary titanium crosslinking technology
  • Ultimate durability
  • Suitable for all wood installations
  • No hollow spots
  • Long term stability
  • Fast initial bonding and curing saves time
  • No primer required, saving time and money
  • Extremely high grab for easy application
  • Suitable for use with Under Floor Heating

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