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'Wooden Floor Accessories’ are unique as we are the only specialist online retailer and purveyor dedicated only to accessories for wooden floors, this means you can purchase all your installation materials, finishing profiles and maintenance products from a retailer with the know how and knowledge of wooden floors.

At 'Wooden Floor Accessories’ we only sell accessories to help install your wood floor which are of the highest quality from leading manufacturers to install and provide a quality finish to your wood floor. As we don't have any showrooms we showcase our extensive range of wood flooring accessories from liquid damp proof membraneswood adhesives to finishing wood door profiles online from your computer in the comfort of your own home or office.

Research and consumer feedback within the flooring industry shows that when embarking on installing a wood floor it can prove to be very difficult to obtain a matching real-wood threshold profiles, real wood pipe roses and stair noses / profiles from where the floor was purchased or over a trade counter.

Ball Beckers Blanchon Bona Ciranova Junkers Laybond Lecol Mapei Marldon Osmo Padco Rubio Monocoat Saicos Sika Stauf Unika WOCA Wakol

Maintenance Oils

Failure to care for any oiled or hardwaxed wood floor on a regular basis can prove to be costly and as such end with a big for floor refurbishment/renovation, for this reason we ensure a wide range of branded oils products from Osmo, Carls, Bona and W.O.C.A for you to be able to maintain the up keep for your oiled or hard-waxed floor.

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For the installation of engineered and laminate wood flooring and different insulation types we stock a variety of underlays within our wide range for every type of installation.

The correct selection of underlay to the type of wood floor and sub-floor is very important and thats why we only stock products that are sourced by quality and features, our range is wide enough to cover all types of installation from leading manufacturers like Xylo and Duralay.

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Floor Cleaning

As with oiled floors it is just as imperative to care for lacquered finished wood floors and laminate wood floors and to do so is easy but only with the use of the right cleaning products.

Most care products available from your average supermarket tend to contain waxes and chemicals that could damage the lacquer or finish, all our lacquered floor cleaners are developed by manufacturers who's business is within the wood floor industry from trusted brands like Bona and Marldon.

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Wood Profiles

Also known as T-Bar, Ramp Bar, Wood To Carpet, Square Edge and Stair Nose which are available in a choice of wood species or finishes like Oak, Merbau, Walnut, Maple, Beech, Kempas, Cherry, Ash, Iroko, Red Oak and Antique Oak.

All our profiles are carefully selected and beautifully machined, our range of floor and door trims have all you need to ensure a really professional looking finish to your wood floors which includes a choice of Stair Nosing Skirtings Scotia / Beading nd thresholds to complete your wood floor.

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Damp Proof Membrane

When installing a wood floor beit solid or engineered on a concrete base the use of a damp proof membrane is always recommended, no matter how dry your floor may feel it will always contain moisture which can be drawn by your wood floor if not treated causing cupping, lifting and general damage, with trusted brands like Lecol, Marldon and Laybond you have peace of mind and assurance that your floor is protected against damaging elements.

For engineered flooring we suggest the use of a plastic membrane and for solid wood floors a liquid damp proof membrane should be used.

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At 'Wooden Floor Accessories' we have the biggest range of wood floor adhesives online selling only the best adhesives as used by professional wood floor fitters which can be used to glue wood flooring to almost any surface. For a floated wood floor the use of a quality PVA adhesive by trusted brands like Stauf, Lecol, Sika, Marldon, F.Ball, Laybond, Basin and Mapei to ensure quality is paramount.

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Leveller / Screed

No solid sub-floor will ever be 100% level but in some circumstances a dip or sunken patch in a concrete su-floor can cause many a problem when installing realwood flooring and then your exposed to a mind field of which products would suit which Liquid DPM or Adhesive products.

So we have collected a simple but effective product range of Levelling Compounds and Latex Screeds which offer the quick and economical solution / fix when a sub floor is uneven. Most products are water based using modern chemical and mortar mixes which can be used on absorbant and non-absorbant, all the products in our range are selected with you in mind they are easy to apply so most of your sub-floor problems can be resolved without the need to call a professional builder at a premium.

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Oils & Waxed Oils

We carry the widest range of Hardwax Oils Oil finishes which provides a ‘comfortable’, natural looking surface through a blend of hardening natural oils and waxes. It makes the surface water and dirt repellent and is designed for the surface treatment of untreated hardwood and other types of wooden floors exposed to normal or heavy wear.

By using any of our wide range of Hardwax Oils and Oils Finishes provides you with choice of products to ensure this is a job you can easily do yourself as they are easy to apply to your wooden flooring. Finishing your wood floor with an oil can give it a rich natural look, particularly on aged and textured flooring.

Oils for wood floors are a high solid content oil for treatment of interior wood surfaces. It enhances the natural wood grain while protecting against dirt and moisture ingress and can be used on most types of wood floors, for this reason we offer a wide range of branded Oil products from Osmo, Blanchon, Carls, Bona, W.O.C.A, Basin and Saicos and to ensure quality and confidence by you the end user.

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Lacquer & Seal

Lacquers and Floor Seal for wood floors enhances the natural wood grain while protecting against dirt and moisture ingress and can be used on most types of wood floors, by focusing on quality we only offer branded Lacquer and Seal products from Junkers, Marldon, Bona and Beckers for you to be able buy and use with confidence a quality product.

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Coloured Wood Stains

With todays need for exacting standards the need to match existing floor colours or the desire to find the look and appearance you really desire, from a white wash look to a antique rustic aged look we offer the widest choice of stains, coloured oils and ageing agents in the UK, with our desire to ensure quality we have a vast range of colours and ageing products from the leading brands from Junckers, Bona, W.O.C.A, Mylands, Saicos and Morrells so you can buy with the confidence of a wide selection and choice.

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Finishing Touch

Solid Wood Pipe Roses are designed to cover unsightly expansion holes around pipes and provides a nice finishing touch to unsightly holes where pipes protrude from the floor.

To protect any wood floor Floor protectors are required on the feet of any furnishings which are hard wearing pads which come in various sizes and thickness, designed for all types of furniture, table legs, chairs etc.

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When installing a new wood floor or refurbishing an existing real wood floor it is important to ensure that the correct tools are used, our experience shows that sourcing of the right tools like Seal Applicators or Spike Roller can be difficult when purchasing wood flooring accessories, to this end we offer a full range tools and accessories to help you install and finish your real wood floor to a professional standard.

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