Brand: Wakol

Wakol supplies products for installing, finishing and maintaining solid wood floors, parquet, carpet and resilient.

Want a perfectly laid floor? Wakol laying materials offers you everything you need to install your wooden floor without a problem.

By installing your parquet or hardwood floor to the subfloor with high-quality Wakol products, shrinkage and expanded movement of the wood are limited offering assured peace of mind.

The Wakol brand delivers a range of products for the installation of parquet and wooden floors. Think of preparation products, levelling compounds and adhesives to ensure a perfect install with the assurance of quality trusted brand.

By using Wakol products you are contributing to the long life of the floor and minimizes the possibility of the formation of seams or gaps as well as reducing the noisy hollow sounds of footfall will be reduced

Wooden Floor Accessories offers you the full range of Wakol screeds, primers, liquid DPM and adhesives for hardwood flooring

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