NEW Bona Quantum Silane-Based Adhesive

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Bona has launched the NEW Bona Quantum, a silane-based adhesive designed and developed for the installation of hardwood flooring that also acts as a moisture barrier.

Yes, you have read that right Bona Quantum is an adhesive that also acts as a moisture barrier which is a major first. It is a true, all-around product.

In keeping the Bona’s commitment to sustainability, Bona Quantum is packaged in recycled plastic containers. The packaging in itself is also an evolution as the container comprises of 75% post-consumer recycled plastic reducing Bona’s carbon footprint by 60%.

Bona Quantum is the next generation of silane-based adhesive which features Bona’s Titanium Technology providing quadruple crosslinking properties delivering great durability with quick bonding for a faster install, especially in challenging subfloor conditions and can be walked on 4-6 hours after installation.

Bona Quantum delivers fast curing with high initial bonding strength when first applied; its hard elastic allows the floor to acclimatize over time as the adhesive hardens with strength to provide a strong install.

So the innovative 2-in-1 moisture barrier and adhesive ensures a greater floor install for a wide range of different substrates. The end result is that overall install is quicker along with a cost-saving up to 30%. The 2-n-1 Bona Quantum when applied using the Bona Trowel Plus, Bona Quantum will act as a built-in moisture barrier.


  • Built-in moisture barrier
  • 10-15m2 Coverage per 15kg (depending on installation type).
  • Long term durability
  • High shear strength
  • Solvent-free, very low VOC
  • Revolutionary titanium crosslinking technology
  • Ultimate durability
  • Suitable for all wood installations
  • Can be used on metal
  • Long term stability
  • Fast initial bonding and curing saves time
  • No primer required, saving time and money
  • Extremely high grab for easy application
  • Suitable for use with Under Floor Heating

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