Maintenance & Cleaning

The use of quality wood floor Cleaners is essential for the up-keep, appearance and durability of lacquered wood floors, so don't be fooled by cheap supermarket cleaners as some products can be harmful to the surface finish.

Oiled and Hardwax floors require more up-keep and it essential to use the appropriate maintenance kits and fluids which are developed by manufacturers who truly understand wood floors so never opt for the more economical option or settle for unbranded after market products.

Maintaining a real wood Floor is essential to ensure the sense of richness, warmth and natural beauty, by maintaining a real wood floor you will gradually get to know its distinct personality and visual harmonies in your home.

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Advance Spray Mop Head Twin Pack for Wood Flooring


Advance Spray Mop Kit for Wood Flooring


Bona (Carls) Floor Oil Cloth for Wood Flooring


Bona Care Cleaning Kit for Wooden Floors


Bona Care Oil for wood floors (replaces Carls 25) for Wood Flooring


Bona Care Refresher 1L / 50m2 for Wooden Floors


Bona Freshen Up (5L) for Wood Flooring


Bona Mix & Fill 5L for Wooden Floors


Bona Parquet Cleaner (5L) for Wooden Floors


Bona Polish Gloss Finish (5L) for Wood Flooring


Bona Polish Remover 1L for Wood Flooring


Bona Soap Oiled Floors 5L for Wood Flooring


Bona Sportive Cleaner (5L) for Wooden Floors


Bona Sportive Cleaner Plus (5L) for Wooden Floors


Bona Spray Mop Kit for Wooden Floors

Showing 1 to 15 of 104 Products (7 Pages)
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