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F. Ball Flooring Adhesives and Preparation
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F. Ball is the leading British manufacturer of preparation products and adhesives for use with hardwood flooring, with over 100 years of experience. Founded in 1886, F. Ball & Co have been market leader in sub-floor preparation and adhesives that are tried and trusted by professional wood flooring installers as well within the Contracts and […]

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Ciranova Wood Floor Products
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A brand Debal Coatings, CIRANOVA are specialist in finishing and maintenance products for hardwood flooring with over 80 years of experience in the field of development and production of finishing- and maintenance products for wooden floors. Being part of a proactive company, Ciranova excel in carrying out daily research and development in their state of […]

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Morrells Light Fast Stains
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From 1902 in London MORRELLS have manufactured wood lacquers and finishes and today are the UK’s largest manufacturer of wood finishing products. Starting with a simple range lacquers and waxes MORRELLS have grown their range of wood coating range that is highly varied with high performance Acid-Catalyst, Pre-Catalyst and Waterborne coatings and finishes. MORRELLS have a deep British […]

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NEW Bona Quantum Silane-Based Adhesive
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Bona has launched the NEW Bona Quantum, a silane-based adhesive designed and developed for the installation of hardwood flooring that also acts as a moisture barrier. Yes, you have read that right Bona Quantum is an adhesive that also acts as a moisture barrier which is a major first. It is a true, all-around product. […]

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Protecting Your Wood Floor Daily Maintenance
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Daily maintenance is essential to keep your real wood floor looking prime and special through routine maintenance which entails regular sweeping with a soft sweeping brush. Probably the most important factors in ongoing care and maintenance of a wooden floor are protection from dirt, grit and moisture. Any spillages or light marks must be wiped […]

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Protecting Hardwood Floors
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To help protect your hardwood floor starts with people entering your home for outside and bring the grit and dirt imbedded on the soles of their foot-ware, the use of Coir Matting encourages the removal of heavier deposits of dirt/grit and can be built in to the hardwood floor entrance as an insert. The other […]

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BONA Titan Wood Floor Adhesive
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We are proud to offer you Bona Titan wood floor adhesive, Titan is a wood floor adhesive that makes bonding your hardwood floor to a level that is higher than any other. Bona’s Titan wooden floor adhesive is part of the silane-based range of adhesives, however differs because of new and revolutionary Titanium technology which […]

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Spring Cleaning your Wooden Floor
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Spring Cleaning? Best Way to deep clean your wood flooring. Walking on wooden floors with shoes on will deposits anything that you may have on your shoes, may it be sand and dirt or worse. These particles are abrasive and will damage the protective finishes on your floor over time. Always vacuum or dust mop […]

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What are Wood Mouldings?
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Wood Mouldings are a finishing profile that is milled from a solid piece of hardwood that is available in various dimensions. As finishing profiles mouldings are available as Ramp Bars, T-Bars, Wood to Carpet Bar, Square Edge Profile, Stair Noses, Scotia and Quadrant. What is a Ramp Bar? Ramp Bars are also known as ‘wood […]

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