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SAICOS was originally founded in Germany, 2002 by a group of seasoned chemists and engineers with a vast knowledge and experience to the development of coating systems for application on an industrial basis for timber manufacturing.

Devoted to their industry SAICOS set out to develop an enhanced range of products that would show the beauty of wood, protection and preservation of hardwood and wood materials. SAICOS would achieve this with consideration to the environment when manufacturing the SAICOS range of products.

It is for this very reason that all SAICOS products are eco-friendly which is safe for you and your pets whist being able to offer a simple solution.

SAICOS have always shown that they care about the environment and have a set of objectives which are:

To constantly review the range of SAICOS products whilst continuing to evaluate the quality of the raw materials used so that customers have a range of durable products.

Strive to make their products user friendly with a suitable range of maintenance products that ensures end finish is of the highest quality.

SAICOS will offer specialist cleaning and care products for use with hardwood flooring which makes the maintenance of wood flooring effortlessly.

To ensure that all SAICOS products are Ecological and environmental friendly that will deliver performance.

SAICOS hardwood products will keep your wood flooring looking good with a durable protection and durability.

At SAICOS they have a vision that is live for today and tomorrow, thus offering you a range of quality products of great value.

SAICOS are constantly developing, researching to produce product using all their technical and practical know-how in order to protect, beautify and improve hardwood flooring that will be durable and ecologically sound.

Their innovative product line includes finishes and coating systems for all types of hardwood flooring based on natural vegetable oils and waxes. Hardwood finishing products by SAICOS are used by wood flooring manufacturers/companies across the World and as such renowned within the flooring industry.

SAICOS will never be satisfied with their achievements and will always strive to improve their products that are of the highest quality and ensuring they are environmentally compatible. The latest scientific findings and procedural innovations are used in our finishes and coatings for indoor and outdoor use.

In the SAICOS laboratories, experienced chemists, as well as application engineers, constantly research and develop products ensuring exceptional productivity and excellent application properties using the finest raw materials based on natural oils and waxes such as safflower oil and carnauba wax.

Wooden Floor Accessories are pleased to have SAICOS products within our range as they are one of the most respected and innovative manufactures of wood floor coloured oils, coloured waxed oils and wood floor oils in the world.

SAICOS wood finishing systems protect, refine and beautify all interior and exterior wood. Their well-structured wood floor finishing product range comprises the complete range of interior wood coatings, with particular focus on wooden floors, as well as stains and impregnations for all exterior wood, together with an assortment of effective and easy to use wood caring products.

All SAICOS products are eco-friendly contains no biocides or preservatives and in compliance with European safety standards, DIN 53160 T.1+2(fast to perspiration and saliva) and EURO-Norm EN 71 T.3 makes them safe to use on children’s toys. All SAICOS products are safe for human, animals and plants when dry.

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