Wood Floor Adhesives

For most hardwood installation, if it is possible, it is preferable to fix-down your wooden floor directly to the subfloor being nailed if wood substrate or using wood floor Adhesives if a solid substrate (concrete).

Fixing a hardwood floor down gives you a more assured solid feeling to the floor, will reduce the chance of squeaky floorboards. We stock the widest range of quality adhesives for hardwood flooring as used by professional wood floor fitters for every type of substrate.

A quality hardwood flooring is not cheap and we strongly suggest to not make savings on the installation of your new floor. This is why we stock only high-quality wood floor adhesives from trusted brands like Stauf, Lecol, Sika, Marldon, F.Ball, Laybond, Uzin, Bostik, Basin and Mapei.

Before choosing using any wood flooring adhesive to install your floor there are a few things to bear in mind. Firstly, although easier than some other methods, if not done correctly your wood flooring could end up being unevenly installed, this is why we suggest using experienced floor fitters if you are a novice. If your subfloor is not level you will also need to use a leveller to make sure it is level when applying your wooden floor adhesive. 

You must also check the moisture content of the room before you fit using a Hygrometer; the moisture reading for the subfloor should be no more than 2% and the relative humidity ideally between 45% - 65% (no more than 75%). Regardless of any reading levels using a Liquid DMP is must and suggest that you use the same manufacturer to ensure an assured installation, we suggest contacting our flooring experts using the live chat (if available) or calling 0845 293 9374 if you seek further guidance.

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Showing 1 to 15 of 37 Products (3 Pages)