Liquid DPM

DMP is a blanket term for a number of solutions to repel moisture on a surface. When installing a new hardwood floor on a ground floor or lower it is recommended to use a damp proof membrane (DMP) to safeguard against potential damage in the future. Your sub-floor may feel pretty dry now but it can often contain some moisture that may damage your beautiful hardwood floor in the future and we believe it is better safe than sorry.

Liquid DMP is one of the easiest and best ways to waterproof your subfloor. We strongly advise this type of DMP for all hardwood floors that are stuck down to a solid substrate be it solid or engineered hardwood floors, a Liquid DPM is a barrier for life.

If your substrate is not quite flat, clean or a smooth concrete floor, you may need to use a leveller before applying a Liquid DPM which then can be used as a primer. Different types of Wood Flooring Liquid DMP have slightly different processes to apply but most will be applied with a couple of coats using a roller brush and can also double as a primer. Be sure to read the instructions and use the same manufacturer compatible adhesive.

You can use Liquid Damp Proof Membrane with a glued down or floating floor. If you need some advice on what DMP your floor project will require you can speak to one of our flooring experts using the live chat (when available) or call us on 0845 293 9374 during normal office hours.

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Showing 1 to 14 of 14 Products (1 Pages)