Wood Floor Underlay

For the installation of engineered and laminate wood flooring and different insulation types, we stock a variety of underlays within our wide range for every type of installation.

The correct selection of underlay to the type of wood floor and sub-floor is very important and that’s why we only stock products that are sourced by quality and features, our range is wide enough to cover all types of installation from leading manufacturers.

Underlay for Wood flooring insulation is available in a variety of forms. Within our simple but varied range of underlay’s means, we have a high-quality underlay for every type of installation.

Flooring underlay can help you get the best out of the wide range of wood flooring types, including engineered flooring and laminate wood flooring.

Fitting the right underlay not only helps to ensure a professional finish but can also assist with noise reduction, insulation and even act as a moisture barrier to ensure the durability of your flooring.

So take your time to browse our quality underlay range, pick out the right underlay for your floor and installation type and have it delivered to direct to your home.

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  • Envoy Ultra 3mm Foam Wood Flooring Underlay

  • Excel 10m2 Wood Flooring Underlay

  • Excel 15m2 Wood Flooring Underlay Built-in Vapour Barrier

  • Excel 1m2 Wood Flooring Underlay (sold by m2)

  • Green Foam 3mm Wood Flooring Underlay and Barrier

  • Natural Rubber Wood Flooring Underlay with built-in DPM

  • Plastic DPM 1000g Wood Flooring Underlay

  • Quick-Therm 2mm Vapour Wood Flooring Underlay & DPM 10m2

  • Sikabond Silent Layer Underfloor Mat

  • Silver Rubber Crumb Wood Flooring Underlay built-in DPM 3.5mm

  • Techno Foam Leveller Wood Flooring Underlay Boards 5.5mm

  • Vapourstop Wood Flooring Underlay Tape

  • Wood Fibre Wood Flooring Underlay Leveller Boards 5mm