Protecting Your Wood Floor – Daily Maintenance

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Daily maintenance is essential to keep your real wood floor looking prime and special through routine maintenance which entails regular sweeping with a soft sweeping brush.

Probably the most important factors in ongoing care and maintenance of a wooden floor are protection from dirt, grit and moisture.

Any spillages or light marks must be wiped off immediately with a damp (but not wet) soft cloth and immediately dried with a towel like cloth.

More stubborn marks can be wiped using a recommended wood floor cleaner, the golden rule which must never be forgotten or ignored and that is never swill or mop a wooden floor.

We strongly advise never use ammonia or household cleaners or aerosol polishes on wood floors and to use only products that are scientifically developed for use with real wood floors.

If hardwood floor boards are treated with care, respect and routinely maintained they will last a lifetime or more.

Last update: Aug 03, 2016


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