Ciranova Maintenance Range

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More good news, Wooden Floor Accessories now offers you the Ciranova range of maintenance products for use with floors finished in a Ciranova finish. 

Rubio Monocoat’s natural ingredient on which the oil is based generates a molecular reaction with the uppermost cellulose fibres of the wood, this high technology ensures that our oils are eco-friendly, are easy to apply and of superior quality.

 Universal maintenance oil for all types of oiled floors colours: clear, white, grey and black.

Flooring Soap for regular maintenance of oiled wooden floors that cleans, feeds and protects at the same time. 

Intensive Cleaner Cleans oiled floors thoroughly specially for removing stains.

Hard Floor Fresh a waterborne environmental friendly cleaning product developed for varnished wooden floors and parquet floors for daily maintenance.

Unicare X-Matt is a waterborne environmental friendly protective refresher for all matt Ciranova surfaces + laminate & LVT which prevents the floor from early abrasion.

Last update: Aug 03, 2016


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