Wooden Floor Hire Station

Wooden Floor Accessories brings you a great offering of Tool Hire through a unique partnership with Hire Station who are the No1 national tool Hire Company who are dedicated to the rapid supply of tools, small equipment and allied services by a click of a mouse.

Well-established and highly respected with an enviable and exceptional service record Hire Station's origins go way back, rooted in several high performance tool hire businesses all of whom were established leaders within their respective regions. We offer you Wooden Floor Hire Station

Hire Station has a strong, established national branch network and an excellent growth record following a series of acquisitions and greenfield developments. With 87 branches strategically located across the UK and one of the youngest, most comprehensive fleets in the hire industry we are pleased to offer highly competitive rates and a service which is second to none.

Being our partner; Hire Station pride themselves on getting close to each customer's individual needs and helping to find a solution no matter what size the job or how demanding the problem. Therefore Wooden Floor Hire Station is pleased to work Hire Station as our partner and for our customers to deliver a great offering.

The Wooden Floor Hire Station service offering is unique as our service partner Hire Station focus on getting close to each customer's individual needs to help you find a solution no matter what size the job or how demanding the problem from the comfort of your home or office by the click of computer mouse. 

It really is easy to hire from Wooden Floor Hire Station as all items are available for next day delivery (Mon-Sat). If you order before noon our hire team can often deliver your equipment the same day, anywhere in the UK. Hire periods vary from a weekend to 7 days (or longer on request).

We also offer specialist safety equipment – just call the hire specialist for more info and if you’re unsure about the right tools for your job, our telephone hire team will be happy to advise you, so just give them a call.call our hire team on 0844 892 0130

Monday - Friday 7:30am to 5:00pm  ------  Saturday 8:00am to 12:00pm

To speed up your order, it helps to have the following information on hand before you book your tool hire online or by phone; details of the equipment you require, the delivery address (including postcode, landlines contact phone number and a Credit/debit card details.

Call The Hire Team: 0844 892 0130

Floor Sanding

Why replace your aged old wood floor and install new wood flooring when refurbishing your existing real wood floor could be the economical option, so whist you're redecorating or renovating your home then refinishing and refurbishing your existing wood floors can prove to be very prudent and rewarding.

Sanding your floor existing wood floor by hiring an electric floor sander or belt sander from Wooden Floor Hire Station and finishing the refurbisment by applying an oil or lacquer from our wide range

We have a varied range of different sanders including the use edging sanders and fine tools to help you get right into the corners for complete and even sand so click away and hire the tool you need.

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Floor Installation

Nothing is more satisfying than being proud of something you have made or built and the same applies to anyone who has installed their own wooden floor would proudly endorse.

Having the right tools on hand always makes a difference especially when installing your newly purchased solid wood floor on to a wood sub=floor base which can only be acheived correctly done by either securing the planks with screws or cleats (nail) directly to the sub-floor.

Even the use of right type of electric saw can make the installation a lot smoother, quicker and look professional by using the right type of tool like a chop saw as opposed to you run of the mill hand-saw.

New innovations come along to assist the D.I.Y consumer and one of these innovations applies to the installation of both laminate and engineered wood floor in the guise of guillotine style wood cutter which makes cutting wood simple and virtually dust free.

Using the right tool for the right application is so important to ensure a smooth install or application of chosen finish, the quality of a tool is critical as domestic alternatives are of a standard quality which can fade during their use or fail to to be fit for its purpose as opposed to the professional tools available on hire.

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Floor Cleaning

When doing home improvements the inevitable factor of dust and grime can be a major task in its own right so the need for the right cleaning equipment is essential to make work easier and thorough, through Wooden Floor Hire Station you hire the right industrial vacuum cleaner to help clean-up. 

There is more and more information coming to light about the potentially unhealthy effects of carpet. Carpets are a natural dust trap, which in turn means a build-up of dust-mite allergen as well as pet allergen and the need to clean carpets on a regular basis is essential to keep those bugs at bay. 

Pet owners are all too aware of the issues with carpets when it comes to the attempted removal of stains and smells left from their pets, this only adds greater concerns how easily other unhealthy contaminants could continue to reside within any carpet; to assist and help you we can offer you a range of heavy duty carpet cleaners to combat the perils of pet hair and dust mite.
The need for heavy duty floor scrubbers and polishers is growing as householder and small businesses as the desire for smooth floor coverings is growing and as such the need for the appropriate equipment to carry-out regular and annual up-keep of your floor.

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Home Improvement

To take on a project around the house the need for the right tool is essential and to access a commercial rated and heavy duty tool can be time saving and we say why buy, when you can hire? 

Instead of wasting time in home improvement centres, spending money on something you’ll only use once, hire what you need instead and the great news is that Wooden Floor Hire Station can make your D.I.Y project easier for you. 

Hire Station's highly trained hire team are just a call away to help you to find the right professional tools to get the job done. It doesn't matter what you need we've got it covered - power cordless drills, screwdrivers, sanders, saws, garden shredders, hedge trimmers, pressure washers and much more.

So if you’re planning on tackling the garden, redecorating a room or installing a new kitchen, then just click away and browse or contact us now. 

Wooden Floor Hire Station also offers you a wide range of support products like portable air conditioning units, commercial coolers and fans for the when the summer temperatures rise or a varied range of heating products when your heating system breaks down in the middle of a cold snap.

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